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John Banner Randleman

John Banner Randleman, son of Augustine F.C. Randleman, was born September 11, 1837 in Stokes County, North Carolina (the part that is now Forsythe County) died late in 1879, Union Mills (later Randleman) North Carolina. He is buried at St. Paul�s Methodist Church Cemetery, Randleman, North Carolina.

He worked in the Cotton Mills from the time he was seventeen. He was superintendent of High Falls Cotton Mills, on July 7th, 1868, with John H. Ferree, bought Union Factory from George W. Swepson on Deep River. He added to and improved the Mills and renamed them Randleman Manufacturing Company.

Later the Randleman Company was the parent Company for other Cotton Complexes including the Marie Antoinette, Naomi Falls Mfg. And others. Also the Randleman General Store, which was the first store, built at Union (Randleman) and operated until the early 1980�s, though for many years not in the Randleman Family.

The Town of Randleman Mills was chartered on March 29, 1880, and in 1890 it was the largest town in Randolph County. It had grown into a flourishing town, and ranked among the leading Manufacturing Centers in the State.

The Randleman interests were sold to Deep River Mills Inc., in 1911, when about 600 workers were employed there. The Mills were sold at auction in 1933 (the town was for two years without a payroll) but the Mills came back to fill government orders during WWII and they have continued to thrive.

Mary Alice Randleman, daughter of John Randleman, married John H. Ferree April 10th, 1873. He had control of the Mills at Randleman after his partner John Banner Randleman died. S. G. Newlin, his brother-in-law, was also an officer in the Mills.

When the Town of Randleman was incorporated in 1880, S. G. Newlin was one of the first Town Commissioners.