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A Brief History of the Library...



The Randleman Public Library has moved six times in its history!

1941     Located over the Peoples' Bank on Main Street.

1950     Moved to Dr. Dennis L. Fox home on Main Street when bank was sold.

1954     Using funds from sale of lot donated by Dr. and Mrs. Dennis B. Fox,

              purchased and remodeled building on Academy and Hillary Streets.

              Moved in new building on October 15th.

1965     Moved to Laughlin building on Main Street.

1969     Re-located to 105 West Naomi Street when Laughlin Building sold.

1973     Finally arrived at 122 Commerce Square.


A few facts about the present location:

     The orginal 4,800 sq. ft. building was built at a cost of $175,000. A Federal Library Services grant provided $44,500; the City of Randleman paid $36,000; and the community and friends of the Library contributed $94,450. The first major improvement to the building came in 1993 with the installation of new carpeting. In 1997, the Library became networked with the other six Randolph County Libraries, allowing patrons access to over 500,000 items housed at all seven libraries. Patrons of the Library also have access to computers that are connected to the Internet, as well as to research computers with office software and Internet access to research sites only. Two children's computers have also been purchased by the City for the children's area.

     In 2000, a trust fund established by Howard and Mescal Ferguson enabled the Library to expand by 1,500 sq. ft. A new children's area was added, as well as the Ferguson Meeting Room. In 2001, another fund - the Ralph and Edith Talley Memorial Fund - provided for landscaping of the Library grounds. The interior of the Library has continued to be representative of the community. Since 1983, the Library has acquired, through purchase or donation, pottery from more than thirty potters, a small art collection by local artists, and a mural in the children's area which incorporates both local heritage and North Carolina history.

Who are the Librarians who helped shape the direction of the library?

1941 - 1956       Miss Claudia Fox              

1956 - 1963      Mrs. Edith Sink                  

1963 - 1983      Mrs. Ruth Linthicum       

1983 - 1993      Mrs. Doris Dorsett

1993 - 2002      Mrs. Louise Hudson

2002 - 2005      Mrs. Karen Richardson  

2005 -                Mrs. Donna Toomes







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